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Elasta is a fine powder that is sourced from redundant aircraft tyres that are built to withstand implosion and explosion as well as being fire retardant.  It is this source material that makes the rubber ideal for our base.

The recycled tyres are made into a crumb and then further refined to a micro powder to which our patented mix of ingredients are added to create a special solution that can be added to almost any material.

To date this has been predominantly used with asphalt and Concrete.

When used with asphalt, 12.5 kg’s to 1 metric tonne of asphalt, it drastically reduces the energy required (up to 38%)  to create the asphalt product.

It has been successfully used in projects across Europe and the Gulf and has been tried and tested with Liverpool University who have validated its application and robustness


Elastacote WB is a high performance, twin component, water based epoxy coating for concrete substances.

It is a hard, durable and an abrasion resistance floor seal coating used particularly in areas where high chemical resistance is required.

Elastacote WB is applied in 2 or 3 coats to a prepared concrete substrate.


Elastapack is an aggregate stone mastic asphalt, SMA surface course material.

The aggregate composition and mix design gives it inherit strength characteristics and increased resistance to rutting over and above than seen with hot road asphalt.  Elastapack is a highly durable material with its surface texture meeting the requirements set out by the transport infrastructure.  The name was appropriately chosen to encompass both the durability and flexibility of the mix providing the customer with a long last product.

It is primarily used for road surfaces for national, non-national roads and urban streets.

With a comprehensive range of test equipment, we had a available we measured a wide range of material characteristics including stiffness and fatigue and permanent defamation by both indensation and vacuum tri-action methods, aggregates bitumen and fillers are also tested in the laboratory.  The laboratory has performed many material designs over the last few years such as porous asphalt M50 and non-porous asphalt, Marshall asphalt and large range of thin layer asphalts, NRA Motorways.  Comprehensive design protocols have been established in the laboratory for various material types which ensure that the end performance requirements are achieved.

The laboratory has also developed new materials which offer solutions and wider choice to customers and the test performed in the laboratory are accredited by the national accreditation board.  With the introduction of EN13108 series of Bituminous product standards there is now a requirement for our products to be type tested.  This type testing can incorporate performance testing and this is done in the laboratory, guidance on current type test requirements are given in current recommendation SR28 – Recommendation for the use and implementation of the EN13108 series.

Concure (Amber)

Concure Amber is a membrane formulated with inheritance hydrocarbon resins which will give a film with 96% water retention and comply with ASTM C309 and HA specification clause 1087.   It has a curing efficiency of 96%, a freezing point of -15 degrees and a flash point of 47 degrees centigrade.

Gravity 0.86 at 20 degrees centigrade.

It can cover 5-6m2 per litre.

Concure (Clear)

Concure (clear) is a solution of silicates, when put on fresh concrete it forms a crystalline seal in the pores this will reduce evaporation of moisture from the mix which does assist in the efficient curing of the concrete. The aqueous elements of the concrete will evaporate into the atmosphere and the silicates become part of the concrete leaving no residue or deleterious material on the concrete surface. Removal not required and porosity of the concrete is reduced but bond on the cast or trowelled surfaces will be unaffected.

It is non-flammable, a freezing point of -5 degrees centigrade, and can cover 5-6m2 per litre

Gravity 1.1


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Tope Developments and its unique products are  ever evolving and is constantly looking to address some of the major issues facing our manufacturing, construction and civil engineering sectors both now and in the future when reliance on petrochemical products will no longer be possible.

Tope Developments are leading the way and developing solutions for future sustainability across a variety of market sectors.

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When Elasta is in the used in the manufacturing process of asphalt, energy consumption is reduced by approx. 38%.

The end product is water proof, fire retardant and will tolerate extremes in temperature far superior to traditional product.

It will also  increase the shelf life of asphalt by 40%.


By adding Elasta to concrete, it results in a stronger product with a water proof barrier and proven fire retardant properties.

Other Applications

Although our main focus for applications of Elasta has been tried and tested with asphalt and concrete solutions, it has many other durable applications. We are constantly developing and working with many different sectors such the rail network, leisure wear and the renewable energy sector.

Our Partners

  • Road Repair Solutions
  • Novaseven Civils Ltd
  • Blue Ribbon Fibre
  • Time2Switch
  • Dragonboard

Part of the TOPE Developments companies, Road Repair Solutions provide their customers with exceptionally high reinstatement work, ensuring the work is done once and done well.  Using the latest equipment and technology with our fully trained staff, ensures a smooth delivery of reinstatement work.

Since its formation Novaseven Civils Ltd has made its reputation as a civil engineering company by employing a wealth of experience at its core. We seek to maintain long term relationships with our Clients and suppliers. Our dealings are open, honest, pragmatic and trustworthy, we offer a can do approach to all our clients We will deliver a professional service through personnel who are strong in managerial and technical expertise and offer solutions to all construction problems. It is by investing in our own people that we can maintain such smooth external relationships. Novaseven Civils promotes the strictest attitude towards Health & Safety, and always complies with any additional operational requirements from its customers. Our workforce is periodically sent on training courses in response to the latest industry developments. Once equipped with the best standards and practices, our people can work closely with suppliers to understand and realize our clients’ objectives.

Traditionally an energy brokering business, TIme2Switch has been able to provide renewable energy solutions direct from renewable generators that has been proven to be lower in price than the retail energy market.  Time2Switch can also broker your own Prosumer contracts for generating energy and selling it to your own sites.  The focus on being green is important and along with their ethos of making sure the customer gets value out of the utilities contracts they provide a good partner in energy hungry markets.  This is a big contributing factor to helping our own drive to net zero within the industry.

Affiliated with TOPE Developments, Dragonboard is a manufacturer of building materials, specialising in environmentally friendly, Magnesium Sulphate Boards, also known as Mg0 Sulphate Boards.

Dragonboards products do not contain any organic solvents, oils or toxic substances, or any metal salts.  Even better, no energy is consumed in the manufacturing process as production is carried out at room temperature.

Why Choose Us

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Whilst we are in an industry that is carbon intensive, our technology reduces energy usage in tarmac production by 40% and by extending the life span of the end product, we ensure that less repeat production is needed.


We are constantly evolving our product line and adapting the technology to fit different usages, industries and applications.


We love what we do and believe in making a difference where we can and what a difference we are making!