ULCCO Special Projects

Following the installation of both test beds (2 adjacent sections of tarmac one with Elasta and one without), it was clear the asphalt with the additive was more black in appearance, and this is the same as we sit here today – 6 months on, with no fading or discolouration.  The durability of the asphalt with the additive also seems, on face value to of out performed the standard one; both section of asphalt have been trafficked for the same period as the car park has been in sure, in addition, we have also segregated off the section of car park and have had heavy plant and heavy goods vehicles cross them, some damage is evident on the standard asphalt, with much reduced signs of damages to the asphalt with the additive.

We have also had positive feedback from the mixing plant (Cemex) and the subcontractor who undertook the installation.

Stephen Harding